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We all are custodians of this planet, not its owners, not its conquerors, and the role of being a custodian comes with great responsibility.

The Asprete

Andrei Togor, Marcus Drimbea | Alex Găvan Foundation

This planet means abundance, but for abundance to manifest, each and every one of us shall take mindfully, shall take only what is necessary, shall take only what one really needs.

We’re all connected.

The suffering of every living being it is the suffering of each and every one of us.

The joy of every living being it is the joy of each and every one of us.

No act of kindness
is too small.
Each act of kindness
is priceless.

Vâlsan river at Brăduleț.

Sebastian Mastahac | Alex Găvan Foundation

According to the law, if you are a Romanian national or a foreign citizen working and paying taxes in Romania, you can direct 3,5% of the income tax paid to the state budget to any NGO you desire. This way, you decide how to be spent this amount of money of this percent.
It is not a sponsorship or a donation but a part of the income tax you already pay to the state. 

1.1. For the salary income (assimilated to salaries and retirement income)

Download and fill out the 230 form and send it to by the 25th of May 2023, and we will manage it on your behalf or sign in to your account on ANAF, your Virtual Private Space section, and submit the 230 form yourself. Fill in the following fields only: name, father’s initial, surname, your numerical code, address, phone number, and email.
Also, if you see fit, you can choose to redirect the sum for two years.

1.2. For income from another source (intellectual property rights, dividends, rents, PFA, etc.).

Fill in your 212 single form/statement the informations that match the following fields and that can be found to the “Destinația sumei reprezentând până la 3,5% din impozitul datorat pe venitul net/câștigul net anual impozabil” section, and tick first “Susținerea unei entități nonprofit”:

Name of the NGO- Alex Găvan Foundation
Fiscal Identification Number of the NGO (CIF) – 43136686
Bank Account (IBAN) – RO98 RZBR 0000 0600 2217 1568

1.3. If you fit in both categories above, you get income from salaries or income assimilated, retirement income, and other sources, then fill in both the 230 form and the 212 single statement. You can choose to support the same NGO through both or a second NGO by filling in different identification data. The 212 single statement (declaration) can be submitted exclusively by you using your Private Virtual Space account on the ANAF website.

Fundația Alex Găvan
CIF 43136686

Account in RON (IBAN) RO98 RZBR 0000 0600 2217 1568
Raiffeisen Bank

Please specify at the transaction’s details: “for saving the Asprete.”
For a more than 5000 Euro donation, please email to have a contract. We can also sign a contract for any other amount of money, even for a smaller sum.

Follow the steps on:

Please specify at the transaction’s details: “for saving the Asprete.”
Funds received via Revolut will further be entirely transferred to Alex Găvan Foundation. For the moment, Revolut does not offer its services to NGOs.

For Bitcoin

use code:



For Ethereum

use code:



Funds received via cryptocurrency will further be entirely exchanged and transferred to Alex Găvan Foundation.